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Our Meals

                We, at Genius Kids Academy, pride ourselves on the quality of our meals. We offer our children traditional, warm Russian food, twice daily. The meals are cooked by an excellent catering company and delivered fresh every day for lunch and dinner. We also serve healthy breakfasts and snacks.

                Here’s a sample of what you can expect:


  • A choice of healthy cereals like Cheerios.

  • Bagels with cream cheese.

  • Waffles with maple syrup.

  • Pancakes or French toast with maple syrup.

  • Fresh milk.

Mid-day Snacks:

  • Fresh fruit such as apples, grapes, pears, carrots, oranges, watermelon, apricots, and nectarines.


  • Chicken cutlets with mashed potato and cucumber slices.

  • Chicken noodle soup with fresh bread.

  • Braised chicken and Mac with fresh veggies.

  • Chicken and vegetable soup with fresh bread.

  • Rice pilaf with chicken and fresh veggies.

  • Meatball soup with fresh bread.

Afternoon Snacks:

  • Yogurt with pretzels.

  • Milk and oatmeal cookies.

  • Apple juice and crackers.

  • Cheese sticks and apple sauce.


  • Macaroni with chicken in a savory sauce.

  • Beef stew with potato and fresh vegetables.

  • Meatballs in tomato sauce and shells.

  • Chicken and cheese quesadillas.

  • Chicken stroganoff with yellow rice and fresh vegetables.

Our staff carefully respects and follows any dietary needs of your child. You are welcome to supply your child with food from home. Each room has a microwave and a fridge where food can be appropriately warmed or chilled before being served to children.