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Hello Genius Kids Family,
As we move closer to the school year, a lot of parents and teachers are facing a ton of challenges and uncertainties. Genius Kids upon reopening dealt with many of the same challenges but we were able to overcome them and have an overall successful summer season. We will be using that momentum to move right into the school year running! Due to higher enrollment and to allow more parents the opportunity to stay with us, Genius Kids in Morganville will be hosting 2 Kindergarten classes for the coming school year. That means we will be able to accomodate and educate twice the amount of kindergarten age students for the fall as we continually move through the phases of reopening as they progress into the end of this year. We are very excited to be able to provide this service and we will continue to strive for a successful end of 2020. We thank you all for your patience and faith in our mission to provide a fun and educational environment for all of our students. It's great to be a Genius Kid.