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Pre-Kindergarten Morganville NJ


At Genius Kids Academy, we offer a comprehensive curriculum involving monthly themes for our Pre-Kindergarten program. Our organic and individualized curriculum is based on the belief that children should be given learning opportunities that enable them to link present content to previous experiences and knowledge.

In preparation for Kindergarten, the Pre-K program will provide more age appropriate hands-on learning activities in a structured learning environment. Our objectives in the Pre-K program include letter/sound recognition lessons which will help bridge the gap to the formation of words. Math will not just be about recognizing numbers, but understanding the relationship that numbers have in many math exercises. As your child develops in Pre-K, our center areas will continue to provide age-appropriate activities.  

Our Curriculum is routinely and carefully assessed to include language/literacy, mathematics and science, in our program.
At Genius Kids Academy, it’s our philosophy to provide classes in the performing arts consisting of dance classes, music classes, foreign languages classes, soccer, tennis, and art classes. Our performing arts classes are led by professionals in their respective fields.

Pre-K Daily Schedule

Breakfast (Served between 6:30 AM-9:00 AM)
Free Play
 Morning Meeting
Lesson and Activity
Outdoor Play
STEM Projects
Outside Play
Group Activities
Pick Up

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