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Stella Gevantmakher
is a 15 year, Operational Director/ Owner of Genius Kids Academy and recently, New Generation Learning Center. I graduated from Tashkent State University. My area of study was in biology, chemistry, science, soil, teaching diploma and nursing educational background. I Had several publications in Science Magazines, Several researches in Physiology- brain development. I always wanted to be a teacher and from 2005 decided to devote more of my time and aention to kids, as wellas their social, emotional development and education.
Marina Krasnova
PreK 1
Lana Dragaeva
I'm very exited to be a part of your children's early education as I enjoy working with and teaching young students.
I'm a graduateof Touro College, and I hold a Master's Degree in Education. I hahve taughta varierty of age groups, from2-5 years old.
I'm currently the lead teacher at Genius Kids, and I have been working here since 2018. Additionally, I have taught figure skating to young athletes for 20 years. I enjoy seeing my students grow socially, academically, and emotionally, as they developtheir skills as my pupils.
Preschool 1
Mrs. Lindsey Penders
Hello! My name is Lindsey and I love working at Genius Kids. I live in Asbury park, New Jersey with my puppy Tilly Roo. I love to learn and go to the beach! My favorite things about teaching are hearing children laugh and listening to their dreams.
Juliana Russo
 I’m Julianna the preschool teacher. I’ve been working with all ages of children for 6 years. I am currently going for my CDA to further my experience and knowledge for 3 year olds. I love working with children watching them grow and learn each and every day.
Two's 1
Nina Bikeradze
Hi ! My name is Nina. I’ve been with Genius Kids for two years and I love my job. I work with kids ages 4-9. Everyday is a new adventure for me. I love watching these kids grow.
Katerina Pakhomova
Hi ! My name is Olga and I’ve been with Genius Kids for over two years. I work with infants instilling proper hygiene and valuable lessons! I love to see our kids grow.