Healthy Breakfast, Hot Lunch and Dinner plus two snacks

  • Instilling daily structure
  • Circle time activities such as: story time, art projects, music, finger games, block area, pretend play
  • Singing or reciting a rhyme. That contains alliteration
  • Demonstrate a growing vocabulary by. Identifying people, animals and objects with words
  • Attempting to accomplish routine tasks independently which develops critical thinking skills
  • Sensory exploration indoor/outdoor
  • Movement and physical development through dancing and indoor/outdoor sport games
  • Children go outside twice a day
  • Potty training
  • Sleeping cots
  • Children will develop confidence and reach developmental milestones with guidance
  • Best structured environment for your toddler
  • Daily reports, Pictures and Live Stream your child’s day on your cell phone
  • Advantages to working with Childcare resources provides parents with an opportunity to screen their children at an early age to provide as much help as needed