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Stella Gevantmakher
is a 15 year, Operational Director/ Owner of Genius Kids Academy and recently, New Generation Learning Center. I graduated from Tashkent State University. My area of study was in biology, chemistry, science, soil, teaching diploma and nursing educational background. I Had several publications in Science Magazines, Several researches in Physiology- brain development. I always wanted to be a teacher and from 2005 decided to devote more of my time and aention to kids, as wellas their social, emotional development and education.
Svetlana Goldstein
I’m a Director at Genius Kids Academy. I joined Genius Kids in 2011 having combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, a major in Computer Science. Being a very loving, caring, and active person, I have always loved working with children and seeing the smiles on their faces each and every day. I have two children and have been around children for many years, working in Ginius Kids as an Art teacher . In my art classes I help my students to understand the artistic conceptsin various types of visual communication, including drawing, painting, and design.
Nicole Szczesny
My name is Nicole Szczesny and I am so excited to be a part of the Genius Kids family.
Early Childhood Education has always been my calling and passion. I possess many years of experience educating the
young. I have worked in private and public-school settings as an intern, then assistant, and finally teacher.
I also have experience as a nanny, homeschool teacher, and tutor so I understand and take the personal nurturing aspect of education very seriously.
I hold a degree in Educational Studies with anemphasis in Early Childhood Education, and as a lifelong learner myself I am actively pursuing my Masters. My experience and schooling have taught me that all students can learn and everyone learns
differently. I take pride in being able to differentiate my instruction to reach all students and help them succeed.
One of my greatest goals as an educator is witnessing my students progress socially,
emotionally, and academically while realizing they are capable of amazing things.
In my spare time I love spending time with my family, husband and two boys. We like to hike, play games, and eat yummy food, chocolate is my favorite! I enjoy relaxing with a good book as well as experiencing new adventures. My door is always open and please do not ever hesitate to contact me.
PreK 2
Maya Roth
I have dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was very young, and dreams really do come true! I graduated from Tashkent State Pedagogical University with degrees in Psychology, Early Childhood Education, as well as Preschool Methodology. After graduating, I remained at the University to work in the Education Department, teaching future teachers and school administrators. After immigrating, I have continued working in my favorite field of early childhood education, teaching at different daycares in Brooklyn and caring for my five grandchildren. I believe that educating children is the hardest job there is, and the most rewarding. Teaching is both a science and an art done for the pure love of children.
Kristine Mantino

My name is Kristine Mantino and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Genius Kids community. I have been part of the Genius Kids team from 2012 to 2016. Then, I took a few years off to raise my sons and help my father with his business in the administrative capacity. However, I never stopped working with children. During these years I focused more on educating individual students as a tutor, as well as improving my knowledge base and expertise as a classroom teacher.As far as education, I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I love teaching and shaping young minds. I believe that early childhood education is a cornerstone for future success and I will work hard with each child to help them reach their full potential.

PreK 1
Maria Ardashnikova
I have been with the Genius Kids since I was pretty much a kid myself. First observing, helping out, tutoring, then being a teacher’s aide, and now a Preschool teacher. I’ve graduated with honors from Kean University with a degree in English Language Arts and Literature and a K-12 Teaching Certificate. I love working with preschoolers because they fill me with love, joy, and positive energy. It’s very enjoyable to teach lile ones because they aren’t jaded.
Pre School 2
Yelena Pospelova
I’ve been a teacher since 1990 working in the field of Early Childhood Education. I’ve also been an ice-skating coach for a number of years. I’ve been working at Genius Kids for seven years and absolutely love the children and the atmosphere here I firmly believe that learning for young children must take the form of a game.Thus, it has been my life-long goal of turning every lesson, every topic and concept into a fun game to help children grasp the basics of education and excel.
Marya Mlodikova
I am a mother of two, a boy and a girl, and I love working with children, especially young children. I am an assistant in the Two’s Two class and I truly enjoy our lile learners. I love helping children during lessons, assisting each child with painting, gluing, or sticker art. I take pride in each child’s achievements and love all the kisses and hugs throughout the day. I’ve worked in childcare for four years now and I truly believe this is the most rewarding profession out there.
Pre School 1
Natia Saralidze

Mrs. Natia is a Teacher in our Pre-School 1 class. She’s responsible, attentive, and always puts her preschoolers first. She goes above and beyond to help anytime anyone needs her. She’s organized, very creative, and a joy to be around. All the kids love Mrs.Natia. She holds a Master's Degree in Philology, a Bachelor's Degree in Humanitarian Science also a Certified Teacher.

Two's 1
Oleksandra Bodnar
I believe I made the right decision to work with children. I not only love children, but I also understand them. Even if a child can’t say what they want, I feel it with my all my heart. If a child is upset my soul cries with them and I would do anything I can to help them. My philosophy is that at the end of the day if my heart and soul feel light, then I did everything I could to make the most out of that day.
Gusal Maksudova
I am a mother of three, so I have home-grown experience of dealing with young children. Right now I hold the posittion of infants theacher and can honestly say that it is the most remarkable age group. At this age, children are beginning to learn and explore, form personalities. Daily interactions with my little studients is a major source of inspiration to me. My career gives me joy and a sense of accomplishment.