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Stella Gevantmakher
is a 15 year, Operational Director/ Owner of Genius Kids Academy and recently, New Generation Learning Center. I graduated from Tashkent State University. My area of study was in biology, chemistry, science, soil, teaching diploma and nursing educational background. I Had several publications in Science Magazines, Several researches in Physiology- brain development. I always wanted to be a teacher and from 2005 decided to devote more of my time and aention to kids, as wellas their social, emotional development and education.
Svetlana Goldstein
I’m the Administrator/Office manager at Genius Kids Academy. I joined Genius Kids in 2011 having combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, a major in Computer Science. Being a very loving, caring, and active person, I have always loved working with children and seeing the smiles on their faces each and every day. I have two children and have been around children for many years, working in Ginius Kids as an Art teacher . In my art classes I help my students to understand the artistic conceptsin various types of visual communication, including drawing, painting, and design.
Jayne Rosen

Ms. Jaynei s our Lead Kindergarten Teacher at Genius Kids Academy. She has a strong passion for teaching children while guiding them academimcally, socially and emotionally. She always strives at making children feel great and confident about themselves through positive reinforsement, which create a higher self-esteem. Her entusiasm and dedication shines in the school. She holds three NJ state certifications-Elementary, K-6, Special Education, and Art. We are very happy and overjoined to have Ms. Jane here and part of our team.

Nailia Herman
I've been working as a teacher assistant in Kindergarden for almost 3 years. I have a big family - 8 years old son, 7 brothers and 6 sisters and also 30 nieces and nephews, so I've been around childrem my whole life. Or better to say- children is my life.
The greatest thanks for the work that I do is seeing that smile at the end of a lesson, activity, or day.
I firmly believe that everyone must choose a profession that he or she loves and that in turn that profession will not be a job, but a joy – which is how I feel every day at Genius Kids!
PreK 2
Olga Yarygina
I hold a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from Belarus State Teachers’ Training University. I strive to provide quality education to my young students through advanced, unique, and creative methods. I’ve been a teacher since 2003 and have worked at Genius Kids Academy since 2010. I chose to be a teacher because I love children and find it the greatest of joys when I see them reciprocating my feeling. I am proud to give my students a great learning experience and provide them with a strong foundation for the future. I am dedicated, reliable, creative, and resourceful and when you walk into our school during any kind of holiday, I was the one who decorated the halls and the gyms. Decoration is my second hobby and I always try to involve the children in my process
Anna Sidhom

My name is Mrs. Anna Sidhom and I am so excited to be a part of the pre-k team at Genius Kids for the second year.
More importantly, I am thrilled to be your teacher! It is going to be a fun year full of learning and new discoveries and adventures. I am fluent in English and Russian.
My teaching journey started when I attended Kean University and received dual certification in P-6 and M.S. English. I have worked in the East Brunswick Public schools for 5 years in Pre-K, K and 3rd grade. I can’t wait to spend the next year learning and growing with you all.First and foremost,
I love teaching and spending time in a classroom with my students. I also love my family, which includes my husband, daughter and dog. I love spending time at the beach, going to new restaurants and trying new foods, playing with my dog and daughter and spending time with friends and family. I enjoy learning about new technology and the ever-growing educational strategies in order to grow as a teacher and a member of society.

PreK 1
Maria Ardashnikova
I have been with the Genius Kids since I was pretty much a kid myself. First observing, helping out, tutoring, then being a teacher’s aide, and now a Preschool teacher. I’ve graduated with honors from Kean University with a degree in English Language Arts and Literature and a K-12 Teaching Certificate. I love working with preschoolers because they fill me with love, joy, and positive energy. It’s very enjoyable to teach lile ones because they aren’t jaded.
Granush Sevumyants
I am an assistant in the Pre-K 1 classroom and can proudly say that I have been with the Genius Kids Academy for 13 years. My most favorite moments is when I visited by my past students, and instead of a tiny child, they are now all grown up. It is a please to be surrounded by young and curious minds all day and I enjoy my job very much. I am great at diffusing difficult situations among children and redirecting their thoughts and feelings. I find it very rewarding when any one of my students gives me a sudden hug and tells me that he or she loves me. I wouldn’t trade this job for anything in the world and every morning wake up knowing that all of my best friends are waiting for me right here in Genius Kids Academy.
Pre School 2
Larisa Abramowa
Mrs. Larisa has been working with children for over 10 years. She has all different types of experience working with all different age groups. She loves to make her own projects and do art activities with the children. She also loves to decorate for all the holidays, making any classroom feel like home!
Pre School 1
Anna Kolke
I’ve graduated from the State Humanitarian University of Kazakhstan with a degree in Speech Pathology and Therapy. I’ve been working with children for twenty-four years correcting speech deficience. I’ve also been a general K-5 teacher for ten years. I also have a degree in Special Education and worked a number of years with children with Autism and Down Syndrome. I’ve worked in Genius Kids for eight years teaching preschool as well as providing children with speech therapy. My life’s passion is to transform nonverbal children into intelligent and self-assured young people. Finally, I believe that the best teacher is the one who clearly remembers that she was a child once, too.
Oleksandra Bodnar
I believe I made the right decision to work with children. I not only love children, but I also understand them. Even if a child can’t say what they want, I feel it with my all my heart. If a child is upset my soul cries with them and I would do anything I can to help them. My philosophy is that at the end of the day if my heart and soul feel light, then I did everything I could to make the most out of that day.
Two's 2
Yelena Pospelova
I’ve been a teacher since 1990 working in the field of Early Childhood Education. I’ve also been an ice-skating coach for a number of years. I’ve been working at Genius Kids for seven years and absolutely love the children and the atmosphere here I firmly believe that learning for young children must take the form of a game.Thus, it has been my life-long goal of turning every lesson, every topic and concept into a fun game to help children grasp the basics of education and excel.
Marya Mlodikova
I am a mother of two, a boy and a girl, and I love working with children, especially young children. I am an assistant in the Two’s Two class and I truly enjoy our lile learners. I love helping children during lessons, assisting each child with painting, gluing, or sticker art. I take pride in each child’s achievements and love all the kisses and hugs throughout the day. I’ve worked in childcare for four years now and I truly believe this is the most rewarding profession out there.
Oksana Kostich
I have worked as an assistant in Genius Kids Academy since 2014. I am raising a five-year-old rambunctious boy and I currently work in an Infant's class and assist Ms. Iryna in the Two’s One class. During the period of my work, I have been labeled as a competent, creative, and organized teacher’s aide. I assist the teacher with each and every daily task, be they academic or routine. While working with our little geniuses I try to be as enthusiastic, creative, and loving as I can possibly be. It is my goal to try and have every child feel like he or she is right at home in our classroom because the best way to gain the love and respect of a child is to always remember that we were children once ourselves.
Gusal Maksudova
I am a mother of three, so I have home-grown experience of dealing with young children. Right now I hold the posittion of infants theacher and can honestly say that it is the most remarkable age group. At this age, children are beginning to learn and explore, form personalities. Daily interactions with my little studients is a major source of inspiration to me. My career gives me joy and a sense of accomplishment.